Revenue Opportunities

Thrift Stores / Cleaning Supply Companies / Janitorial Service Companies / Hood & Exhaust Cleaning Companies
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Thrift Stores

Perhaps the most natural fit for most non-profits would be a Thrift Store. They are excellent streams of revenue …

Cleaning Supply Store

The benefits to owning and operating a cleaning supply store are huge, and startup expenses are minimal…

Janitorial Cleaning Services / Hood Cleaning

Providing Janitorial Services to your local community is a great way to provide vocational training for your clients…

Let’s Make Things Happen

More than ever non-profit organizations need revenue streams they can count on. You can count on us to generate revenue streams for you that really make a difference….

“Our team is committed to helping you get where you want to be, and in providing you with the revenue streams you need to get there.”

The Thrift ReImagined Team